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Kalamazoo Medical Waste Disposal

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the choices in Kalamazoo for medical waste disposal, fret no more. After reading just a little about Med Legal, the biggest decision you will need to make is whether you should call before or after lunch.

We lead the pack in medical Rx disposal in Kalamazoo MI for a variety of reasons; below are just a few.



We have been successfully offering medical waste disposal in Kalamazoo MI and the surrounding area for over 25 years. Being stable does not mean we are stagnant. Our company has continued to grow and change with advances in technology. We have focused on investing in Kalamazoo medical waste disposal that is more efficient and environmentally friendly.



We subscribe to the old-fashioned notion that the customer is king. This means that every time you call with questions about your Kalamazoo Rx disposal, you will speak to a live person based inside Michigan. We will also work with you to set up services that mesh with your schedule. No two companies are alike, and we realize your business may need fewer pick-ups than the average – or maybe more. We will never force you to sign long term contracts that may be too excessive for your Kalamazoo biohazard disposal needs.



We have committed ourselves to making sure your medical biohazard disposal in Kalamazoo MI is on time. We understand the risks involved with late pick-up. Biohazard bins can overflow and risk injury to your staff or more serious infections.

Although your choice in medical Rx disposal in Kalamazoo MI is a serious one, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Just a small amount of research into our company will convince you we are the professionals for you.

Call our Kalamazoo medical waste disposal call center today to learn how we can help serve your business.