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Warren Medical Waste Disposal Services

Med Legal is a full service medical waste disposal company that has over 25 years of experience in the medical field. We provide Warren medical waste disposal services to hospitals and doctor offices in the area. With our extensive knowledge base and innovative services, we collect and dispose of all waste such as syringes, gloves and research waste.

Our company recently partnered with Sanitec Industries and together, we’re offering microwave shredding technology. Sanitec Industries brought commercial microwave shredding technology to the medical field, and our Warren medical waste disposal company knew this was the forward-thinking technology we were looking for. This method shreds medical waste at high speeds, reduces landfill waste and limits harmful emissions. Thanks to this technology, our medical waste disposal company in Warren MI is able to fulfill our vision of offering environmentally friendly disposal methods.

Med Legal is fully committed to the needs of our customers, but in order to care for them, we must also care for the environment. We are always looking for novel Warren medical waste disposal services that will offer efficiency and affordability, as well as safety and sanitation. Our medical waste services in Warren MI are in compliance with all state and federal laws, and we provide general liability insurance and bonded and insured drivers for added protection and peace of mind.

With Med Legal, we want all of our relationships with our customers to be positive. That is why all medical waste disposal services in Warren MI come with our 3 Point Guarantee: compliance, affordable pricing and on-time service. These are the very components that will make your organization safe, clean and sanitary, while allowing you to work with a schedule suits your cause.

To further our Warren medical waste disposal services, we provide education and training to our customers. We’ll evaluate your previous methods for disposing of waste and work out a better plan for your staff to follow. Our medical waste disposal company in Warren MI will teach your staff the proper methods for disposing medical waste, allowing your organization to be most proficient.